RAF Seletar Camp (Early 1960s)

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Photos from Cliff Hutton of RAF Seletar.

Captions by Cliff Hutton of RAF Seletar
Photo 5 My son with their cat "Onion". Note the 'docked' tail. Back in the sixties all cats in Singapore seemed to have "damaged" tails. I was told that it was a Chinese custom to do this as only perfect creatures were admitted to heaven. So cats were treated thus so they'd not displace a human when the time came?

Photo 4 RAF Seletar Yacht Club from one of the old flying boat hangars. Note the Austin Mini, one of the first in Singapore.1962?

Photo 3 Amah's market Jalan Kayu 1962?

Photo 6 Having our grass cut. I think these young Tamil lads simply asked "cutting grass?"

Photo 2 Our amah, Foo Kwee Moi. How incredible it seems today that the R.A.F. would pay for us to have a servant!

Photo 1 Cliff himself back in the 1960s at Seletar


Anonymous said…
Hi, I am trying to find the RAF officer who lives in 87A Jalan Tongkong (currently Gerald Drive)back in 1961. Any kind soul can help me locate them.I was working as AMAH back then. Please help.Thanks.
Hussein Hashim said…
Hello my dad and uncle were stationed there about that time,, my dads name was junior Blackwood his brother was Peter,,,

Anonymous said…
am trying to contact the family of Tom and Dot Cooper who lived 35 Lambeth Walk on Seletar early 1960s. any info would help. Len Australia mobile 0610400242077 email leaton@ecn.net.au
Anonymous said…
was hampstead heath at this camp looking for the raf camp we lived in about 1966 my dad was james lane