A first entry into a serviceman's diary - First Impressions on landing in Singapore

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Writer: Ted Wilkins, RAF Seletar


Steve said…
Cracking Review. Remember it like it was yesterday.
A truly fantasic passage in time.
Vic Worley said…
I can remember the sites and sounds of Jalan Kayu,having lived there in 1970.I lived in a bungalow in Jalan Talan Piring,backing onto the afore mentioned shops.Also the smells from the various Hawker stands and food outlets.

Returned in 2008,all the old wooden shops/business premises have long gone,to be replaced with landscaped grass verges and new road surfaces.Found my old house was still there and was for-sale!

Strange feeling re-visiting a location which to me epitomised the old Singapore,a place now so changed but in the memories of all the servicemen/women who were so lucky to have served here.

Unable to locate the fish-ponds,have they been filled-in and redeveloped?
Anonymous said…
I lived in Sembawang Hills 1969 to 1971. I remember the heat,colour and smells of Jalan Kayu. So different to life in UK! Newly married, we bought China, glass and cutlery from the shops. It is still being used today. Happy memories but life changes all the time. We were lucky to have the opportunity to experience a different culture and benefit from it. Just enjoyed laksa meal sent by friends in Changi. So interesting to read of others' experiences and reflect again on ours.