We are BACK!

The Jalan Kayu Heritage Trail blog went on a short hiatus from the end of 2008 till recently.
We now look forward to reviving this blog, continuing to post archives on The Jalan Kayu Trail, and finally to keep all our readers well informed on the progression of the Jalan Kayu Trail.

Thank you for supporting our blog thus far, and we look forward to adding on to the pool of information that we have acquired thus far. LET US WORK TOGETHER TO KEEP THE HEARTBEAT OF JALAN KAYU ALIVE!

With regards,
The Jalan Kayu Trail Team.

GO Jalan Kayu Trail!


pinto said…
Fantastic! The Jalan Kayu Interactive website is fancy with the flash animation, but the real stuff is here in this blog! Looking forward to more great content.