Seletar & Singapore - Airman Gerry Brown shares some nuggets of information

Gerry Brown who served at Seletar Camp from 1966 to 1969 shares some memories and photos.

Dear JK Team,

Here are a few scanned in photos. As you can see, reading from the top left, NAAFI in Serangoon Gardens/road down to Serangoon/Paya Lebar Airport/A view down Porchester avenue Serangoon/ a shot from my garden.

I was stationed in Singapore from 1966 to 1969 and worked at Paya Lebar Airport in JATCC. I was a young Senior Aircraftsman, Wireless Operator and my main job was operating the H/F radio link at JATCC providing communications for the Military aircraft that were in the area. I had a wonderful time as it was nice working at the International airport. I flew to Singapore in a British Eagle Brittania, stopping at Abadan and Colombo (now Sri Lanka). Arrived in the early hours of the morning and can only remember being driven to Seletar RAF Camp and being given a room in a very large block. My family had to wait 8 weeks to join me because our Son was too young to fly.

I lived with my wife and 2 children in Serangoon gardens in Porchester avenue and we had a lovely Amah called Gee who more or less stayed with us for the duration of our time in Singapore. Often we would drive across the causeway to Malaysia, and I have wonderful memories of pineapples piled by the side of the road. Cheekily we would sometimes stop and take one ( I hope it wasnt missed!)

My main headquarters was at RAF Seletar, which we only visited when there were medical/dental or administrative things to do. Oh yes we also made use of the swimming pool.

Both my Wife and I had a fantastic time in Singapore, although in those days it was a lot less modern than it is now, we will never forget the place and in fact my Daughter Sarah was born in Singapore in RAF Changi Hospital. Great memories of the Amahs market with the 'haggling' you could do, and also the amazing smells of cooking food wherever you went.

I will never forget the experience of getting my old blue vauxhall fixed. It needed a new floor and the Chinese mechanic fixed a new one in for me .....made out of biscuit tins!! It lasted fine for the time I had the car. You can see it in one of the photos. The guys coming round with their stall on wheels selling all sorts of fruit which we had never heard of before including rambatans and durians (phew what a smell they were!) but the guy could peel and chop us a fresh pineapple in less than 30!

Wonderful memories also of the Brittania Club and of wandering through such places as Bugis Street and the huge store with all the clocks showing different times around the world - think it was called CK Tang.

Both my Wife and I still have fond memories of Singapore and would love to visit again one day. I still have, as a souvenir, my Singapore Post Office savings book which has 3 dollars in it!!

Keep up the good work with the website, I am enjoying reading it.


Gerry Brown


Mitch Hankin said…
Hi my name is Martin (Mitch)Hankin. was also in Singapore from 1966 until 1968 working at JATCC and living at Seletar. Was a young SAC working under the watchful eyes of Cpl's Ron Farrant and Johny Ball.If you would like to make contact my email is ...
And yes I still like Tiger Beer
Regards Mitch