A Jalan Kayu Malay Wedding and Family 1950s - photos by Ted Wilkins

Ted Wilkins served at the Seletar base during the post-war heydays of the camp. As someone who mixed well with the local people, he attended a Malay wedding in the Kampung and took these photos which he has always cherished. We would like to thank Mr Wilkins for sending us these and many other photos from his personal collection.

Mr Wilkins writes:

"Hello Jalan Kayu Team,
I`m so glad the photos were of some use. They have been hanging around in my albums for ages , only my friends and relatives have seen them. I was beginning to wonder if after all this time they would be of any good to anyone,so I am so glad to be able to help in getting together your history. Whilst living in the village we were lucky enough to have a lovely friendly person as our `amah` One day she invited us to her friend`s daughter`s wedding in the kampong behind our bungalow.

You'll see photos of amah's daughter ,grand daughters , sister, .husband and children in their house malay wedding in photos 1 & 2

Photo 3 --- the groom arrives in all his finery serenaded by a small musical band.

Photo 4 --- the groom

Photo 5 -- the band plays whilst the groom has to pay a small `fee` to enter into the house to be with his bride.

Photo 6 --- outside the `amah` and her husband pose with their daughter and some village children

Photo 7--- the bride and groom pose for photos with the bride`s mother. Apparently `bad luck` befalls them if they smile.
We laid our small gift at their feet and were given a small coloured egg to take away as a good luck gift.


Lam Chun See said…
Thanks to Ted Wilkins and JK Team for sharing these beautiful photos.