The Singapore Years ( 1966-69) - RAF Seletar

Tom Muir at Seletar Base July 1967

Corporal Muir outside his home at Feb 1967

The informtion was provided by Tom Muir who is now living in Adelaide , South Australia. He lived at RAF Seletar from 1966 through to 1969.

"Seletar was so beautiful.....that I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!"
Corporal Tom Muir

Jamaica Posting
Bcak in 1966, I was a youthful Corporal "Ty" Muir serving on 139(Jamaica) Squadron with Victor B2S at RAF Wittering having been there since its reformation in early 1962.

Life was pretty settled witha young wife , 2 little toddlers and another baby on the way, living in a caravan at Market Deeeping.

The world stopped....
Yes , it did when I received the following: PWR ( Preliminary Warning Roster) up on the Station HQ Notice Board : W4263132 Cpl Muir - One year unaccompanied tour to Kuching in Berneo on Whirlwind helicopters fighting Indonesian communist insurgents. Leaving Nov 1966. Blind panic. Sell the caravan. Ship wife and kids off to my mum's place in Scotland, go on a chopper training course and off to Borneo via Singapore on a Britannia out of RAF Lyneham.

Died and gone to heaven - Seletar 1966
I landed in Singapore and was temporarily housed in a transit block in East Camp of a place called RAF Seletar. Arrived in the dark , crashed out after the long flight, and woke up to an unforgettable scene.

The morning sun streaming through glassless louvers-shuttered windows , ceiling fans whispering, the hum of insects, warm most air and the wonder cent of frangipani. I though I'd died and done to heaven.

After a few loitering by the swimming pool waiting for transport details, I was advised that die to the insurgency in Borneo having settled down, I would be staying in Singapore and my one year unaccompanied tour changed to a two and half year accompanied one. You beauty! Not only had I died and gone to heaven, but I was going to stay there until May 1969.

A quick letter home to my wife to pack and get ready to join me, but alas, by the time all the formalities had been arranged she was too close to giving birth to be allowed to fly. His it would be April 1967 before she and the 2 new ones could join me. That was a sad and gloomy time for us.