Meet-up with the British Airmen. (and women)

On Good Friday, we had a very good opportunity to meet the ex-RAF airmen from Britan. They are currently on their annual "pilgrimage" back to Singapore. They have kindly took some time off in a nice function room at the Marina Mandarin last Friday to answer our enquires, and just get to know each other a bit better.

Stuff from today's interview will be put up pretty soon, do give us some time to process the information and videos that we took down. But watch this space for more stuff...

Here are some photos in the meanwhile.


Mr Daniel Lim said…
Great job team. You guys all put in all those afternoons and evenings to gather all this information and to cap it off you finally met the very people you were discovering more about! That's wonderful.

I also like to take this chance to thank the RAF airmen and their families for being so wonderfully accomodating to all of us.


Mr Daniel Lim
david12lloyd said…
I was part of the group that visited Singapore in March/April 2007 - but alas not part of the interview. However I had a very enjoyable visit and look forward to the next one.

I have lost count of my Singapore visits but I was at Seletar in 1960/62 working mainly as a Radio Tech on Beverleys but with 6 weeks on Marine craft - posted to RAF Gan and returned on leave to reside in my old bedspace for 2 weeks!

In 1970 I was on exercise Bersatu Padu at Changi and "up country" working on Wessex helicopters.

1973 I was at Tengah working on Vulcans on a "Westabout" from UK.

Since 1984 I have been on about 15 visits - 2 with the RAF Seletar Association - do I like Singapore? - you be the judge!

David Lloyd - Hampshire UK