Many thanks, and some updates...

Hi all,

It warms our hearts to see so many nice comments so far on our little blog. We're glad that we have brought back fond memories to some people, and to bring forward the past of Jalan Kayu.

We would like to thank those who have linked and/or commented on our blog. We greatly appreciate the kind encouragement. Especially from many respected bloggers in the Singapore community!

However, the exams are looming pretty near for our team. About 2 and a half weeks from now, so we're pretty much into study-mode now and won't be tending to our blog.

But rest assure, we'll be back after the exams. We will also have to consolidate all our infomation into our main website which the actual Jalan Kayu Trail will be based on. So its alot of work for us right after the exams.

Don't stop visiting us though, if you have any more valuable or timeless information that you would like to share, do drop our group mentor an email at

Thanks again and watch this space!

Warm Regards,
The 3e3 Jalan Kayu Trail Team.