Singapore Youth Flying Club

Who are they?
Starting from 1971, the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) has been through several changes since the Ministry of Defence first established it. A new vision for the SYFC began in 2000 when "YFC 21" was launched. The mission of SYFC envisioned by "YFC 21" is to inculcate youths the passion of flying and to be future pilots for the air force.

When did it come about?
Since its founding in 1971, the Singapore Youth Flying Club has groomed many capable pilots and helped interest young people in flying. The skills that flying develops in our young people are precious and important. This is one vital reason why the Singapore Youth Flying Club’s central programmes is offered to schools.

Where are they located?
The new SYFC Clubhouse is near the Seletar Airport and is a centralized flying training centre developed to ensure that SYFC remains relevant into the future. The enture area has been perfectly connected to each other. The space is created for both serious learning and enjoyment all at once. It is also where students can come together for social purposes to provide a positive environment for pupils to gain experience in flying and to hone their leadership skills.

What is the purpose?
The purpose is to unleash the potential of teenagers who have a passion for flying and it is also an opportunity to become a pilot in the air force. The course covers aeromodelling, radio controlled aero-model and a pilot's course for potential pilots. Courses like aeromodelling and radio controlled aero-models areprovided free of charge and the only expense is the material such as wood, engines and accessories to enhance the model's feature. As for the pilot course, it is fully paid for by the government and is valued at SGD 50,000. Ultimately, the purpose of the SYFC is to nurture interest of flying in potential aviators.

By Sherman Tang 3E3

Edited by Mr Daniel Lim (Team Mentor)