Jalan Kayu Village

Jalan Kayu today (Above)

Jalan Kayu is a road situated within the north eastern part of Singapore.It is a peaceful place to visit and enjoy the scenery.It ia a place where some people go mostly to enjoy their Roti pratas.

The History of Jalan Kayu village
Jalan Kayu was built in 1928 when the first RAF base outside of Britain was established in Northern Singapore.

How Jalan Kayu got its name
Jalan Kayu means " wooden road" in Malay. One version for the road name's origin is that firewood used to be placed by the five-foot ways. Another verson is that muddy roads leading to the rubber estates in the area were made passable by using logs and so the term "jalan kayu" was born.

The road itself is a relatively minor, one-lane road. However, it became famous in Singapore for two reasons. First, it was the main access route to the large British military base in Seletar as well as the neighbouring Seletar Airport. Second, a range of road-side eateries selling Indian fare such as roti prata gradually made it a household name among the hordes of food-loving Singaporeans.

By Muhd Sufi


Anonymous said…

The correct origin of jalan kayu is that it is named after the chief construction engineer of the seletar airbase Mr Woods. You can find this info in the national reference library: Lion in the sky : the story of Seletar and the Royal Air Force in Singapore / with a foreword by T.W.A. Hutton.