The black & white bungalows of Seletar

An example of a black and white bungalow (picture courtesy of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore.)

When was it built?
Singapore's black and white bungalows were built during the British colonial days and are located in various parts of the island. They are around 50 years old.

Why was it built?
The black and white bungalows in the Jalan Kayu area were once used by the British servicemen who stayed there. The bungalows housed the British servicemen who were working for the Royal Air Force.

Who built it?
The British built these bungalows.

The architecture
The black and white bungalows were built to suit the tropical climate. Many windows were installed for better air circulation, making the house cooler. High ceilings also allow hot air to rise, therefore promoting air circulation. The windows at the veranda can be completely opened for air to come into the house, making it breezy for the user.

Written by : Goh Xi Hsien 3e3


♥YILE said…
nice blog(:
I used to live there.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your research. Very useful info and i was just much did it cost the British to build one of those houses?